About Us


who we are

Mona Dance School was set up in April 2008 out of a desire to engage the three arms of the performing Arts (Music, Dance and Drama) in the Niger delta.Over the year, in creating awareness at Mona Dance School, we teach the following genres: ballet, contemporary dance, Hip Hop, Cultural (ethnic) dance, ballroom dance and some Latin American dance.


our programs

our vision

Using Dance as a tool for positive experience and societal transformation.


To teach and build a dance program among all the ages with the sense of commitment to Societal Transformation, healthy lifestyle and as an art form to promote education for sustainable development.



our goal

To teach and see both the young and the old express mastery through dance. Mona Dance School brings into reality what tends to be abstract. We help the dancer, individual to discover levels of inherent ability. We build the needed confidence and life skill in them while connecting movement with emotions. Dance class is dedicated to making learning fun and adding color to program both in schools and non-school events.

We offer private and group dance training for socials, competition, performances and personal training to develop interest, skills and every professional level.