IFCOD Productions is an annual event that gives a platform for multi artists to showcase artistic prowess. It is a contemporary production of music, dance and drama. It tells our Nigerian story, reflects current issues and exhibits our rich cultural heritage in spectacular festival atmosphere.



This is a captivating, creative, educative and entertaining display of dance, music and drama that encourages us to unite, return and rebuild our homeland, making it a better place that embraces unity in our diversity. It further highlights the need to preserve and herald our rich and robust cultural heritage for generations unborn.

This production also acts as an effective tool for peace and conflict resolution to promote better understanding amongst different stake holders and ethnic groups in Nigeria.

one language

The concept of one language explores and establishes the creative realities and the power of music, dance and drama as a universal language that can unite the world.

The play states the apparent diversity in various races across the globe, inspite of language, religion and race barrier, the unifying themes of national anthems, flag, music, dance and drama transcribes the bond of unity that the world can embrace.

It presents the world as a place where people from all backgrounds care and learn from each other.